Vacu-Man Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning



Professional Furnace Cleaning Services in Kirkland, WA

Vacu-Man provides professional cleaning services for homes and businesses in Kirkland, WA and surrounding areas. Our cleaning services will improve the air quality inside your home or commercial building, as well as help your heating and cooling system operate more efficiently. Our technicians have extensive experience and a commitment to quality service on every job.


Furnace Cleaning Services. We provide residential furnace cleaning and commercial furnace cleaning to improve efficiency and performance. We clean all aspects of the furnace, including burners, heat exchangers, flues, flue pipes, blowers, fans, pilot assemblies, and oil motors.  


HVAC Systems Cleaning Services. Our residential HVAC system cleaning and commercial HVAC system cleaning keep your system operating at top performance. We clean the entire system, including grills, diffusers, exhaust fans, registers, and the entire air handling unit, including the moto, fresh air intake, and coils.


Dryer Vents Cleaning Services. When lint, debris and moisture build up in the dryer vents, it can cause a variety of problems, such as overheating, reduced efficiency, and fire hazards. We keep your ducts clean to improve drying time and reduce fire risks.


Air Ducts Cleaning Services. Over time, dust and debris build up in the ductwork. Cleaning out the ducts improves efficiency and indoor air quality. We use a compressed air cleaning process with a large power vacuum to clean your ducts without making a mess in your home.


We are happy to provide free estimates for any of our residential or commercial cleaning services. Please contact us by telephone at 206-362-8858 or 425-454-3678 to request a free estimate or to schedule service at your home or business in the Kirkland, WA area.

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